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The Inner Man and the Inner Woman

Union Mystica

Our relationships show us if we understood properly our inner mechanisms. This process is an intense and deep exploration of the masculine and the feminine. Using the inner man and inner woman as a model, we can go to the roots of our difficulty, relating in our life with lovers, friends, fellows, etc. Our conditioning, respect the masculine and feminine blocks our capacity of being free and integrated inside, authentic and relaxed in life and in the relationships. Recognizing our unconscious conditionings opens the way for an experience on the essential.

Being rooted inside, at home, in our biological sex, on being a man or a woman, is an opening to the possibility of a union inside. We┬┤ll explore joyfully the subjects related to the masculine/feminine inner equilibrium, going inside their energies. That is the base of the Tantra Work.

“Moving towards reality you will have to accept your whole being. You are man-woman together. Nobody is just man nobody is just woman. And this is beautiful that you are both because that gives richness to your life, to your being.”