villafranca meditation center

Healing and nourishing the feminine- A group just for women

Tantra for Women

What does it mean being a woman? Does the living for others or trying to please the man belong to the feminine? Is it really part of woman´s role or is it part of the collective conditioning centuries old? We´ll go to the roots of our conditionings, looking to how we relate with our own sex or with the other sex. This process is a meeting of women seekers ready to recognize and value the qualities of being feminine. It´s for women ready to open themselves to the possibility to free the old identifications like victimism and revenge. Through inquiry, energetic exploration and rituals we´ll make emerge our qualities like dignity, strength, value and auto respect. During the group various tantric meditations will be experienced. Nel corso del gruppo verranno sperimentate varie meditazioni tantriche. 

“Every woman can become an arrow towards godliness – her grace, her beauty, her love, her devotion can show you the way towards haiger realms of being, greater spaces of consciousness”