villafranca meditation center

Surrender to oneself


You are searching, yes, but have you ever asked yourself what you are really looking for? And why?
Often you try to “be yourself”, or you try to get rid of pain and suffering, in other words you look for love and acceptance. If you look deep into it, you will find that the most powerful ingredient, of this constant seeking, it is nothing but a refuse, an effort to avoid feeling what you feel  and being what you are.
You would like to get rid of pain, blocks, and limitation just denying them. It is natural that you don’t  want  to feel these things, of course it hurts. You would like to be someone else.

By and by this denial or rejection creates many ideals, images, beliefs about how you would like to be, to be better than you are, loved, appreciated, accepted. But the truth is that pain is there, blocks are there, and inside there are fears and other limitation in which you will remain stuck if you reject them .

Acceptance begins from oneself, acceptance is opening your heart to what you find in your inner journey, and being with it, embracing it, our expansion can happen only with that which is true.

With different kind of Meditation techniques, inquiry and emotional connection we will enter the experience and the mistery of being  softly and gently with and in meditative way.

“Transformation can happen, but not out of desire.Transformation is possible relaxing yourself in that which is, whatever it is. Unconditional acceptance of oneself leads to transformation.”