villafranca meditation center

Primal Work Intensive


Because of the received conditioning in the first years of life we always get away more and more from our True Nature, and because this happens when we are impotent, vulnerable and we can´t say no, we don´t have any other choice but to betray ourselves. This work helps us to become conscious about how this happened and how we have learnt to put over so many masks in order to be loved and accepted. The past experiences continue to boycott our present life, until we bring them to light. Essential qualities as will, force, value, love, trust, feeling capable, creativity; they can get buried under layers of conditioned identity, and through inquiry we´ll be opening ourselves to the possibility of reconnecting us again. This could be one of the most transformative experience of your life.

“My effort here is to destroy all conditioning ( hindu, mohammedan, christian, jewish ).It does not matter what kind of conditioning you are carriyng, I want you to drop it. It is a weight. And through all the therapies, I am trying to do something else which the West has not understood yet. Through therapies they try to bring you to normal humanity: Their psychoanalysis bring people to what they call sanity. My therapies here, and all the psychoanalytic methods used, have a different purpose. It is not to make you into normal, average, so called sane people, it is to cleanse you of all traps, all theories, all religions, all kinds of conditionings. All these therapies here are deprogramming you, and leaving you free without any program. The negative part is being done by the therapies they destroy your programming.”


 It´s recommended a previous experience in breathing or emotions groups.