It´s an experiential way of inner growing to return to the true nature, for people interested in a deep exploration and knowing of the self. The exploration happens in so many levels.
The conditioning is a hypnosis. The first step consist on becoming aware, herenow, of the self conditionings received.
This work allows you to liberate the blocked energy and to live your life completely in present.
It´s a revolutionary and transformative trip that brings you out of the habit and roots you always more and more in the presence and consciousness.

“Return back, only the light of consciousness heals. It´s a healing force. Anything that you will be able to bring up to your consciousness will be healed, and it won´t harm you anymore.
Past doesn´t have place in your being. Only when past has no place in your being, you are open to present, never before it.”

Osho, the Alpha and the omega, vol.II

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