Individual and for Couples

  •  Primal Work/Inner Child
  •  Tantra: Sexuality and Relationship Healing
  •  Tantra for couples
  •  Reconnecting and Presence Sessions
  •  Pulsation/Breath work (Bioenergetic Techniques)
  •  Life Alignment
  •  Counselling on Individual Path
When Buddha attained complete enlightenment, he was asked, “What have you achieved?” He laughed and said, “Nothing. Everything I achieved was already in me; there is nothing new; there has always been, since eternity; it is my very nature. But I didn’t realize it. I had always had a treasure, but I had forgotten it. ” You have forgotten the treasure you have: this is your ignorance. There is no other difference between you and a Buddha. The only difference between you is that you don’t remember who you are, and he remembers” Osho


Sound of
the future

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