It´s an experiential way of inner growing to return to the true nature, for people interested in a deep exploration and knowing of the self. The exploration happens in so many levels.
The conditioning is a hypnosis. The first step consist on becoming aware, herenow, of the self conditionings received.
This work allows you to liberate the blocked energy and to live your life completely in present.
It´s a revolutionary and transformative trip that brings you out of the habit and roots you always more and more in the presence and consciousness.

Zen Work
They´re intense meditation retreats structure in different ways, that all have the goal to send you to the essential,
to who are you, to the direct experience, cutting off all the superfluous.

Tantra is the art of self letting go.
This is for seekers interested in a deep exploration through the way of Tantra. We´ll taste the art of relating in friendliness, learning a new way to explore intimacy, vulnerability, truth and love.

“Tantra is an effort to become more conscious.”
The Tantra Vision. vol.1