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"Reality is being in the Present, here and now, and see what it is as it is, rather than watch this filtered by ideas, opinions, prejudices, in a word, conditioning."

Arpita Giasolli


Psico-spiritual therapist she´s a catalyst, intense and passionate, has a great intuitive capacity.Because of her experience in different fields, she is able to use several important instruments that allows her to work on physical-energetic, psychological and spiritual levels.

Arpita is trained in: Primal Awareness, Rebel Spirit, Inner Child, Tantra Intensive, Essence of Tantra, Unio Mystica (Inner Man and Inner Woman), Tantra for Women, Tantra for Couples, Sexual Deconditioning, Satori, Who Am I’. The Art of Dying, Pulsation- Neo Reichian and Bioenergetic techniques, Essence, Inner Judge, Diksha and Aurasoma. She overall facilitates Born Again and Mystic Rose processes she leads groups of: DECONDITIONING Primal Work Intensive, Rebellion (Fire of the Soul), The Inner Child. TANTRA Relating (Inner Man and Inner Woman), Tantra for Women, Tantra for Couple, The Art of Being and Experiencing. ZEN WORK Satori, Who am I’, Living Here Now (The Art of Dying), Holidays from the Ego. BREATH Breath-Energy-Ecstasy (Pulsation-Neo Reichian and Bioenergetic Techniques) THERAPEUTIC MEDITATION Born Again and Mystic Rose. HEALING WORK Re Harmonical Meditations, Diksha transmission of Divine Energy, Aurasoma, subtle bodies healing through colours. She gives individual Sessions of: Path Counselling, Primal Counselling, Meeting with Inner Child, Pulsation, Inquiry, Masculine-Feminine Work, Tantra for Couples, Aurasoma.

“I live in Verona. My work gets developed between Verona and the rest of Italy, lately often in foreign countries. I began my research in 89, after realizing that I wasn´t satisfied with my life and that I was the only responsible. This was the key that made me see a possibility of transformation. I opened myself to a profound healing journey, using different methods and having many experiences. I started with healing groups working on subtle energies and right after I explored many paths and ways. I didn´t know why but I continued searching and in 1997 I met Sudha. An incredible being, unique, a fresh fire. I was astonished with her presence and her consciousness. I immediately recognized something of immense value and I follow her until the last breath with my whole totality and resolution. With my conditioning and my past experiences about death, being able of accompany her in her leaving the body was such a benediction. Being able of seeing life and beauty in death’is pure magic. Now I´m realizing that in those years she prepared me to follow the work she started, now I understand how much I´ve learnt through our relationship. Being near her has been such a richness experience that words can´t transmit it. Osho said that the real Master brings you to recognize who you are, this was Sudha for me and I feel an infinite gratitude.” 

villafranca meditation center
Arpita Giasolli

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